The A-riser was inspired by a friend who had a problem.

“My husband cannot get up when he falls. I can’t get him up without being hurt myself.”

Come to find out, there are many who cannot get up for a multitude of causes… Non-Risers.

I invented a lift device that I hope will benefit all Non-Risers and their caregivers.

We are continuously expanding and adapting the A-Riser product line.  Innovations and developments are becoming routine around here!  It seems that the more exposure I have to the world of disabilities, the more I see how to help.  With Bonnie’s guidance and insights helping me along, we are making a real difference in the lives of many!   I am grateful and honored for these opportunities to put my gifts and creativity to work helping others to live fuller, richer, happier, healthier lives with dignity and respect.

Call, email, ask any question. We cherish the opportunity to  help you and your situation.

bryan @a-riser.com                               (865) 850-3141