A-Riser GO

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A-Riser GO – Fully supported wheeled mobility



The A-Riser GO is  a full body support wheeled A-Riser which provides standing and walking freedom for those with severe balance issues.

Freedom to walk in the park, shop at the mall, or shop for groceries, while being fully supported, standing and walking.

No longer confined to a wheelchair, or even a single room with a gantry system, one can now walk from room to room, outside, and go anywhere a wheelchair can go, and more!

Ideal for persons with certain Traumatic Brain Injuries, and similar disabilities, the A-Riser GO provides the ability for enhanced life experiences with dignity and fulfillment.

The A-Riser GO gives mobile freedom to those with severe balance issues.  With a Full body support harness, a person can stand upright with confidence, and walk with dignity, shopping, in the park, or in the home.

Utilizing full mobility, it can go anywhere a wheelchair can go, and more!  The person is free to go from room to room, outdoors, or anywhere in the mall for shopping.

How about in the grocery store, filling one’s own basket from a standing and walking position?  Yes, finally that is possible!

(Watch the A-Riser GO in action on the “Videos” page)


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