A-Riser LITE

$995.00 $795.00

A-Riser LITE – All the utility in a lighter frame and without the lift.



This is a lighter version of the A-Riser for those who do not need the lifting capabilities, yet want all the other advantages of using an A-riser.

You can use your A-Riser LITE for:

  1.   A Transfer aid – From bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to bed, etc.
  2.  A Getting up aid  –  for those that simply need a stable grabbing device to pull up to a seat.
  3.  A Hygiene Station – for cleaning and hygiene care in a comfortable and convenient, accessible position.
  4.  An Exercise aid – Perform many exercises for strength, rehab, pivoting, balance, and development.
  5. A Dressing Station – The bench seat provides an excellent place to dress with a safe support surrounding for stability.

See the A-Riser LITE in action on the Videos page!


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