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WheelChamp- Auxiliary Brake for Wheelchairs



School buses and ParaTransit require functioning brakes to transport a wheelchair safely.
When your brakes fail…
WheelChamp is your brake pinch-hitter!

For Parents:

  • Your child can ride the school bus home as usual
  • You have more time to schedule the brake repair
    Get yours today!
    Tell your school officials about the WheelChamp!

For Wheelchair users:

  • Your day carries on
  • You have more time to schedule the brake repair
  • You are transported safely
    Tell your caregivers about the WheelChamp!

For Special Olympics:

  • No more missed practices
  • No more missed events
    Tell your parents about the WheelChamp!

For School Bus and Transit Drivers:

  • No need to call dispatch
  • No need to deny boarding
  • Teachers no longer call parents for emergency after school pick up
  • Using their WheelChamp, you saved the day
    Tell your Transport Authorities  about the WheelChamp!

When the brakes on a loved one’s wheelchair fail, you get a call from the school or Transport driver, “I’m sorry, but we cannot transport a chair with no brakes.  You must drop everything and arrange to get your loved one, NOW.”

What can you do?  You must immediately plan to retrieve your loved one, and the broken chair.  Then, you must have a technician or therapist fix it before the next needed use!

With your own WheelChamp, you avoid all that and more…

Easily, an attendant can attach your WheelChamp, and in moments the chair is securely braked.

Easy on !    Easy off !

Your WheelChamp is a temporary alternate brake, allowing the chair to be safely and securely braked in those desperate situations.

WheelChamp does not interfere with vehicle tie downs!

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 3 in


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