I fell and got right back up!

Every time you or a loved one falls, disaster strikes. Even when there is no injury,
the struggle to get back up is often traumatic, and potentially harmful to both of you…

Your A-Riser will get you right back up!

When a loved one has fallen and is unable to get up, what can you do?
Call the Fire Department or EMS and wait? How long will that take? What will it cost?

With your own A-Riser, you avoid all that and more…
Easily, a caregiver sets up your A-Riser, and in minutes you are up again.

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There is no ambulance in the driveway, the EMT’s aren’t busy when truly
needed elsewhere to save lives,and no unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room.

 Over 80% of falls result in no significant injury. For all of those falls,
your A-Riser is there to help you arise and continue living your life.
Your A-Riser removes the burden and fear of a simple fall,
while protecting the health of the patient and caregiver alike.

You can store your A-Riser in a closet, or carry it in the car.
When you need it, bring it out, unfold it, and get right back up.

Our exclusive Patented technology of the A-Riser provides you with a
comfortable lift process, and helps protect your caregiver from injury.

Your A-Riser is easy to use.
Simply open it up, connect the harness, and be raised to the seat or a wheelchair.

       For many, it is the falling issue which means the difference
between aging in place or moving into a costly nursing home.

With your A-Riser you may be able to remain at home for years to come.
You will enjoy the blessings of aging in place, with dignity, confidence, and independence.

Currently, each A-Riser is hand-crafted individually by
the inventor at his workshop in Tennessee.
Each one is fabricated to industrial strength, and fully tested under load.

If you have a specific requirement or special need, just ask.
We can likely customize an A-Riser just for you!

Your A-Riser comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Compact for Storage
Easily Transported
Tuck in closet or corner
Carry or wheel behind



  • Peace of Mind
  • User Friendly
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Security

C:\Users\Bryan\Pictures\2015-10-29\A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\2018-01-29\015.JPGJames Baker has Parkinson’s disease with a history of falling. He was the
for the A-Riser, and the first to use it in a real-life fall event.

Our A-Riser lifted me off the floor several times. It was so easy and painless.
Anyone who ever falls should have an A-Riser.”
                                                                                                                                      Jim Baker

“The A-Riser can help extend your time to live in your own home and even more importantly
can help avoid calls to 911 and hospital admissions!”
                                                                                                                                                        Justin Martello, MD, Neurologist
                                                                                                                          Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Specialist

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